Distance learning coach training, live

Since they are designed for our lifestyle today, the ICI trainings are conducted either partly or fully in distance learning mode. You get trained at home or anywhere in the world.

All of the Institute’s training programmes can be attended as a mix of classroom sessions and distance learning sessions, or can be attended fully in distance mode, if that is simpler for you.

You are already aware of what classroom training sessions are. As for distance learning, the information given below will make it easier for you to find your way. The main thing to note is that there are 2 types of online training:

  • The first type involves listening to pre-recorded programmes
    That is what we generally put under the term e-learning. You listen to audio or video recordings and you do so at your convenience, when it suits you. We also call this “on-demand” training.
    It is practical but the genre has its limitations. One quickly tires out, learning all by oneself in a corner.
    All researches carried out on this topic in the Science of Education make the same observation: learning is fundamentally a social activity. We learn well only when we do so alongside others.
  • The second type that we are building on, also involves distance learning, BUT IN A LIVE GROUP
    homme-foad-photo-200x300V2In this method, you are “Live” with the group of participants with whom you are enrolled (a group that comes together, for example, once a week in the evening from 20:30 to 22:00). You have a trainer who makes the same presentation that he would make before a group in a classroom. He uses the same visual aids, gives demonstrations, guides you with the exercises, and responds to your questions just as he would do in a classroom.

The difference (and it is huge!) is that you do all that at home without having to travel. You are peacefully seated before your computer with a cup of tea close at hand.
This is clearly the liveliest method and one wherein you learn the most!
And since all the sessions are recorded, in case you are unavailable for some of them, you can listen to them later at your convenience.

The practical advantages of distance learning are obvious:

  • Less stress

    A coach training programme should be a gift to yourself, not a source of additional stress.
    If you already have busy weeks, you need everything except having to manage new complications: arrange for childcare, plan your travel, add travel fatigue to the weekly fatigue, etc. (and if you are French, hope that your training does not fall on a strike day).
    By getting trained at home, you avoid this uphill battle.
  •  Saves money

    Travelling, food, and accommodation quickly increase the cost burden. The greater the distance you have to travel, the higher the cost. It is common for some trainees to see their overall training cost get multiplied by 2 or 3 when they arrive. Why pay double for your training if you have a choice?

Live distance learning


All the advantages of classroom training
minus the disadvantages

But these are not the only reasons to choose distance learning…

We have opted for this method because it is in line with one of our values: the quest for the best possible quality.

Over the years, we have simultaneously conducted traditional, classroom training programmes (what we call in-person training) and distance learning programmes, and measured the results with our clients.

The results from distance learning programmes are equal in the least, in every instance, to the results obtained in the classroom, and nine out of ten times, they are higher.

For a simple reason…

iStock-blode-foad-300x199 The training that you will undergo is itself designed on the coaching model.
It is based on one of the basic principles of coaching, that is, learning by doing.
A coach and a client always leave each other at a point of decision on actions to be taken. Then, the client implements what had been decided upon, and in the following session, gives an account of what he accomplished. He draws his learning from it, gets ready for new actions, and so on and so forth.
This is exactly what you are going to do, which will help you make quick, concrete progress, week after week, and which is not possible in a group that meets every month, or even every 3 months.

You attend weekly training sessions in the evenings. At the end of each session, you will be given practice guidelines to be followed during the week.
The following week, you will share what you have done, draw the necessary lessons, and continue to make progress in this way. You will find yourself being carried by the learning dynamics that will help you make quick progress.

Une formation au coaching bâtie
en cohérence avec les principes de base du  coaching,

c’est plutôt logique, non ?

Historically, indeed…

Coaching started in the United States and saw rapid growth with the help of distance learning. Most of the coach training programmes offered in USA are conducted through distance learning and it would be difficult for you to find a classroom training programme if you search for it.

For information purposes, out of the last 12 American Presidents of the ICF (International Coach Federation) that has over the years become one of the biggest professional associations, 11 underwent training through distance learning. You will be in good company.

We took off from the idea that our usual lagging behind the United States by almost a decade was not the end and that you can also get the benefit of a training that is as modern as the ones offered by our American counterparts, for a long time now.

The New Distance Learning Programme®

This is the name of the exclusive instructional system developed by the Institute, which includes all the elements considered to provide you with the best possible practical training.

illustration Every week, you undergo training at home using your computer or laptop or tablet, live with the other members of the group, as shown above.
Your progress path also comprises working in distance mode by practicing “co-coaching” with a partner from your training programme.
You also have access to a private campus where you will find course work, additional recordings available for use at your convenience, and forums.

You love classroom training? So do we.

One does not hamper the other. What we are offering you is to take advantage of the best of these 2 worlds, in a way that suits your situation.
That is the reason why we organise Application days and Practice days throughout the year, and in this way free and optional Master Classes are reserved for you. You can attend up to ten of them, depending on the training programme that you are enrolled in. The big difference is that we do not make them compulsory for you, because the distance learning programme, given the way it is designed on the ICI exclusive instructional model, is complete in itself.
It is up to you to create your own recipe.