ICI MasterCoach International professional certified coach training programme conducted fully in distance learning mode
With complementary optional classroom sessions

Conducted for 20 years in 24 countries with access to ICF (International Coach Federation) professional credentialing.

The main benefits of distance learning coach training programme

  • Instructional effectiveness
  • Time and money saving
  • Better operational efficiency

Il existe une version du MasterCoach ICI spécialisée dans la santé et le bien-être réservée aux médecins, aux professionnels de la santé, aux thérapeutes et aux coachs déjà certifiés.

Ou contactez-nous directement :

Suisse : +41 22 575 44 84
France : +33 1 40 70 99 25

The next international distance learning

ICI MasterCoach training programme in English starts on

september 26, 2019

For France, contact us for potential financing of your course by the following principal organisations:

If you are interested in ICF certification, contact us directly or attend an orientation session one evening.

Switzerland : +41 22 575 44 84

France : +33 1 40 70 99 25

With specific features that make a difference

Are you sure that in 2019, travelling 300 km (or 3,000) to attend a trainer’s presentation is an intelligent thing to do when you can very well do the same thing at home? Listening to the presentation, interacting with the speaker and other students, working in small groups or in twos, seeing others, being supervised, etc. The same thing without fatigue, childcare, time spent in transit, transportation costs, food and accommodation expenses, etc. More importantly so when studies show that the results thus obtained are mostly higher in terms of integration and operational efficiency. This is what all the major American training organisations that have raised awareness about coaching are doing for a long time, and this is what you can do at the Institute. 20 years of experience in the field of coaching has helped us develop a unique expertise that more than 5,000 satisfied coaches have already benefitted from.

Acquiring the skills of the coaching profession is just the first part in your success story. That is not sufficient for your plans to come to fruition. You will also require training and support to develop your new occupation. In response to this requirement, you will have access to 2 activities: the Coach Marketing Programme that is improved every year with the help of professionals, wherein you will learn practically how to find your initial clients, and the Success Support Group which extends the coach training to marketing. In this group, you will get the support of a Senior Business Coach for as long as you need it to be successful in your plans, without it costing you an extra penny.

The coach training programme is designed to be fully completed in distance learning mode. However, that does not stop you from attending classroom sessions as well, if you so desire. We organise dedicated days for Application and for Supervised practice throughout the year, and thus you have Master Classes reserved exclusively for you, without you having to pay any additional amount. Every time these days are organised, 50 to 100 enthusiasts come together, delighted to meet and practice under the supervision of teachers. The big difference is that these days are optional for you because the distance learning coach training programme, designed with the ICI instructional model, is complete in itself. It is up to you to create your own recipe based on your availability and your requirements.

The coach training programme leads to the “ICI MasterCoach” certification awarded to those who fulfil the required criteria. This qualification is the oldest professional certification in the Francophone coaching world well-known for the past 20 years in 22 countries and awarded to more than 5,000 professionals. You could stop at the certification or if you want to complete your journey, you could get into the complementary ICF (International Coach Federation) credentialing process. The ICF credentialing is THE benchmark par excellence in the world of coaching. It provides you with an unquestionable national and international credibility, including in the corporate world. We will support you through the process, with our 100% success rate to this day.

Benchmark school of coaching

The International Coaching Institute with an international presence in 20 countries is a Swiss professional training organisation for adults, which brings to you the conscientiousness and standards in excellence and innovation that form the basis of the reputation of the Swiss professional world.

Situated in Geneva, an international hub of major organisations, the Institute is the first and oldest Francophone body to dedicate itself exclusively to training coaches.
In fact, before the creation of the Institute, there was no institute dedicated solely to training coaches. We are happy to have opened this market up and contributed to its development by setting up and spreading good practices.

20 years of experience, and presence in 20 countries. 3 languages of instruction (French, English, and Spanish) and more than 5,576 trained coaches give it its legitimacy.

ICI has set an example since its inception, because a large number of heads of fellow organisations that were created afterwards, came to the Institute to get trained.

Furthermore, statistics regarding the employability of ICI certified coach students are made available to you (Contact us directly).

In ICI’s DNA since the beginning…

Creating the first-ever coach training programmes, developing distance learning courses, introducing Life Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Appreciative Inquiry, and now CLEEN. Innovation is at the heart of the Institute.

Efficiency and results
Unlike traditional coach training programmes wherein you have the time to forget everything between two workshops, in the ICI system, your training itself unfolds in a coaching style. You continue in constant learning dynamics. You quickly become efficient.

Humanistic values
Listening, non-judgement, and developing each individual’s talents and key strengths. Success-oriented instruction. Importance given to working on oneself and on personal development. A friendly atmosphere and positive energy.

An open approach to coaching
Rather than being in groups solely constituting HR executives and managers, you will also meet consultants, teachers, health professionals, high-level sports trainers, mental health professionals, artists, creative people, etc. A wider exposure to the worlds of coaching.

D’autres avantages pour vous, inclus également dans le MasterCoach ICI

Le coaching des équipes est inclut d’office dans votre formation. Pas de mauvaise surprise au moment de payer. C’est aussi le cas du coaching des cadres et des dirigeants ainsi que celui des managers et des professions libérales inclus également dans la formation.

L’Institut a acquis les droits d’utilisation des contenus de nos confrères américains Coachville et Graduate School of Coaching. Suite à votre formation, vous recevez pendant 1 an les contenus les plus intéressants de leurs formations, traduits et adaptés pour vous.

Une fois votre formation terminée, vous pouvez refaire tous les modules de votre choix et continuer aussi à faire autant de journées en salle que vous voulez, le tout sans débourser un centime de plus ! Une excellente façon de rester dans le bain et d’actualiser vos connaissances.

Other bonuses included in MasterCoach ICI

La voie d’accès rapide
au changement
"Le complément idéal, génial à la formation de coach. Avec CLEEN tout va plus vite, plus loin..." CLEEN (Coaching de Libération des Empreintes Émotionnelles Négatives) est un type de coaching bref spécialisé qui permet à une personne d’atteindre ses objectifs
 entre trois et cinq fois plus rapidement qu’avec une intervention de coaching classique. Cette formation est réservée aux coachs ICI. "CLEEN est à l’évidence une révolution dans le monde du coaching…" "Le résultat est spectaculaire…" CLEEN est une marque déposée, propriété de l'Institut de Coaching International, tous droits d'utilisation interdits. Découvrez l'approche et les témoignages